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19 June 2007 @ 06:33 pm
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08 June 2007 @ 06:30 pm
I have not heard nor read any official update since Barak's last fiasco postig.
Any clue as to what is goig on?
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31 May 2007 @ 10:44 am
Has everyone seen the updated news on Livejournal?
Go check it out.

At least they release their mistake, even if it took them a while.
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Several posters have reported their interests vanishing suddenly. Why?

This has to be done by someone on the inside. Are some LJ abuse staffers sympathetic? Are these deletions of words like Yuri and Yaoi a preemptive strike to protect users in case of a future purge?

30 May 2020 @ 04:14 pm
Original by catrinella found here

Welcome. This post is an attempt to consolidate information about Six Apart/LiveJournal's decision to "permanently suspend" user accounts and communities for Terms of Service violations related to illegal sexual activity. The decisions to suspend appear to have been linked to user interest entries containing particular words, regardless of whether the account/comm advocated such behavior, described it in fiction (fannish or original), or discussed the realities of surviving sexual abuse. I wish this post to be an accurate and neutral resource. While I am obviously unhappy with SA/LJ's chosen method to manage this situation, I ask visitors and commenters to focus on the facts when posting here.

Feel free to update comments as you learn of suspended journals and comms, hear a rumor you'd like to have verified/debunked, or have anything else to share. Links to this post are OK.
  • If you are commenting with links to suspended comms or user accounts, please let me know if these are RL accounts or fandom ones. I track them separately, and I don't always have the time to go hunting.
  • Before reporting a suspended comm, check to see if it's already been reported.
  • SA/LJ staffers: your confirmations/debunkings or comments are welcome. Email me if you'd prefer.
    Please know how much I appreciate your help in compiling this list, and your general polite interaction on my LJ. And thanks to all who've linked this post on their LJs, on fandom_wank, and elsewhere! ♥ ♥ ♥

    Below the jump, you'll find a bulleted list of info points and sections for deleted LJs, current best practices, and links. As of the morning of 5/30, I have divided the links into Information, Technological, and Advocacy sections.

  • [NOTE: Some usernames and community names listed below may be offensive to you. Activities described in these LJs may be offensive to you. You know your own tolerances, OK? Thanks.]


  • LJ is sending form letters to community and account owners explaining the reason for permanent suspension (related to user interests). PLEASE NOTE that they are being helpful and giving community owners a tool to download all posts to the community, which helps a great deal in restoring lost material. Please do not blame the LJ Abuse team, who are mostly volunteers and who are charged with managing cleanup after what appears to have been a decision at higher levels.

  • A group external to LiveJournal has been noted as a possible contributor to the SA/LJ decision: Warriors for Innocence. Although I previously had a link to WFI that redirected through anonym.to, I am no longer linking them due to their declared IP tracking and associated LJ user concern about having the URL listed here. Google is your friend should you wish to know more. FYI: People are reporting spyware infestations after visiting the WFI site. Please update and use your malicious-software detection tools.
  • Please note that I do not have proof that Warriors for Innocence is the cause of the deletions. Economic boycotts are effective protest tools, whether used by people with whom we agree or by those with whom we disagree; WFI claims to have placed economic pressure on SA/LJ, but we have no proof that their actions and the permanent suspensions are related. Remember that coincidence and chronology are not causality.
  • It is unlikely that Perverted Justice is involved, at least on the fandom angle. They work with law enforcement to target actual illegal sexual abuse/activity. Their cases are prosecutable and verifiable. I've removed them from the paragraph above.
  • http://pedoblogtracker.blogspot.com/ is also tracking deleted LJs. At least one of the people listed as a contributor to this blog is also listed as a contributor to WFI. Note that fandom journals are on their list of deleted LJs, including </a></b></a>pornish_pixies - since LJ has not posted a comprehensive list of deleted LJs, it is my understanding that only the person(s) who filed complaints would know that these journals were being targeted.

  • DEBUNKED: Rumor that all accounts with "pedophilia"/"paedophilia" as a user interest were deleted. I also checked "incest" and "rape" along with other user interests that describe illegal activity (I ignored comms/LJs that were clearly survivor-oriented).
  • DEBUNKED: Rumor that </a></b></a>fandom_wank was deleted as part of this situation. In fact, fandom_wank has been over at JournalFen for several years: http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/

  • A user reports that some of her user interests disappeared, although she did not delete them herself. I would appreciate more information from </a></b></a>kinenbi or from any other users who have experienced this.
  • The owner/moderator of </a></b></a>uesugicest reports that the LJ has been deleted (and the message associated with user deletion appears on the comm profile). She did not delete the comm, and it does not appear in her dropdown at http://www.livejournal.com/accountstatus.bml.

  • Deleted vs. Suspended: To determine whether an account has been permanently suspended by SA/LJ or has been deleted by the comm/LJ owner, go to the account's userinfo page. If the account has been self-deleted, you will see the message "This journal has been deleted." If the account has been suspended by LJ, you will see the message "This account has been either temporarily or permanently suspended.". Some community/account owners are voluntarily deleting until more information is available and this situation eases toward resolution. You may also be able to hover your mouse over the icon in a deleted username to see a pop-up with the LJ's current status.

  • Fandom/fiction/text communities currently permanently suspended as of as of 2:19 PM EST 5/30/2007: </a></b></a>ageplaywithsex, </a></b></a>afamilyaffair, </a></b></a>artsnarry, </a></b></a>boysfuckingboys, </a></b></a>brokenboys, </a></b></a>fetishconfess, </a></b></a>heterocest, </a></b></a>incestories, </a></b></a>lol_porn, </a></b></a>lolita07, </a></b></a>____loli_lovin, </a></b></a>master_badtouch, </a></b></a>porn_debate, </a></b></a>pornish_pixies, </a></b></a>rape_porn, </a></b></a>resident_pervs, </a></b></a>sbrb_blackcest, </a></b></a>shota, </a></b></a>sugarmamas, </a></b></a>violentboylove, </a></b></a>we_nympholepts, </a></b></a>wonkaslash.

  • RL communities currently permanently suspended as of 12:04 PM EST 5/30/2007: </a></b></a>childlove, </a></b></a>disgusting_lust, </a></b></a>ljincest, </a></b></a>incestuouslove, and </a></b></a>little_children. If groups listed in the preceding paragraph belong in this list instead, please let me know - I'd like to keep fannish and RL groups separate so as not to perpetuate the problem.

  • Individual user accounts currently permanently suspended as of 2:19 PM EST 5/30/2007: </a></b></a>1strangeman, </a></b></a>athena2693, </a></b></a>brygid, </a></b></a>cannibaldearest, </a></b></a>cybermuffinx, </a></b></a>daddies_toy, </a></b></a>fuckable_angel, </a></b></a>homenudist, </a></b></a>littlegirllover, </a></b></a>joelovesaznz, </a></b></a>k9time, </a></b></a>lynntownsend, </a></b></a>malakijr, </a></b></a>malewhosucksdog, </a></b></a>mattybear, </a></b></a>mordoz_valois, </a></b></a>nepipeo, </a></b></a>onewavebreaks, </a></b></a>pushtyber, </a></b></a>rayathn, </a></b></a>rend_asunder, </a></b></a>seri_sama, </a></b></a>shivabrazil, </a></b></a>takowasabi, </a></b></a>terislave, </a></b></a>tommy_the_goat, </a></b></a>xandercage2006, </a></b></a>xironfistx, </a></b></a>xdaddysgirl19x, </a></b></a>yaoi_slut. [NOTE: This list contains fandom journals, survivor journals, and consenting-adult ageplay journals, as well as RL journals that describe/seek illegal sexual activity (the apparent target of this action). Because individual journals often wander between topics, unlike communities formed for a particular purpose, I am not breaking this down as I did for comms.]

  • RPG character journals currently permanently suspended as of 12:04 PM EST 5/30/2007: </a></b></a>boot2thehead & </a></b></a>seventhsnake (player journals for the </a></b></a>lightning_war RPG - see </a></b></a>ataniell93's LJ for details), </a></b></a>ogata (game unknown).

  • </a></b></a>bookshop would like to hear from owners of permanently suspended journals and communities in order to coordinate a response from directly affected users.

  • Remove or edit your user interests, or at least the ones that are obvious triggers (incest, pedophilia, child molestation, rape, etc.). This includes other languages; "shota" was reputedly a trigger interest for at least one suspended account. [NOTE: Please don't ask if a particular interest should be removed. We don't know the list of trigger interests, and it's highly unlikely that SA/LJ would release that information.]

  • Remove userpics that advocate or illustrate potentially troublesome practices. While userpics are not part of the current situation, last year's breastfeeding-icon debate is a reminder that visual images resonate very strongly for a large number of LJ users.

  • For those who posted to deleted communities and did not save a copy of their posts: the text of the post should have been included in emailed comments made to the post. If you received, but did not delete, emailed comments, you should still have a copy. Check your email - AOL and Gmail, in particular, do not delete old messages unless you explicitly delete them or turn off mail archiving [AOL only]. If you have lost fic, ask your beta if s/he has a copy in inbox or sent-mail. [Thanks to </a></b></a>thermidor, </a></b></a>heidi8, and others for this reminder.

    Separated into three sections: Information, Technology, and Advocacy.

    http://liz-marcs.livejournal.com/266024.html (fabulous post re: Warriors)
    http://liz-marcs.livejournal.com/266996.html (</a></b></a>liz_marcs follow-up)
    http://lolaraincoat.livejournal.com/253978.html (another tracking post)
    http://ataniell93.livejournal.com/818441.html (Abuse response to </a></b></a>ataniell93)
    http://femmequixotic.livejournal.com/292480.html (Abuse response to Femme)

    Alternate LJ-style sites: GreatestJournal and JournalFen. NOTE: JournalFen is currently closed to new free accounts. The only way to get an account right now appears to be getting a friend with a paid JournalFen account to set up a new free account for you. ETA: JournalFen is 18+ only.

    http://fawx.com/software/ljarchive (LJ backup for Windows)
    http://www.ljbook.com (backup to PDF for Macs; site may be overwhelmed)
    http://connectedflow.com/xjournal/ (Mac-friendly backup; see also </a></b></a>xjournal. The resulting file is stored at ~/Library/Application Support/Xjournal/History.plist)
    http://hewgill.com/software/ljdump/ (yet another Mac option)
    http://logjam.danga.com/ (Linux LJ backup!)
    http://www.livejournal.com/export.bml (LJ's tool is cross-platform)
    http://www.livejournal.com/editprivacy.bml (Paid and Permanent members only)
    http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=234 (Comm security settings)

    </a></b></a>suggestions (official LJ suggestion box comm)
    http://syndicated.livejournal.com/fandomtossed/ (feed for the GJ community below)
    http://jamoche.livejournal.com/28973.html (collecting responses from Abuse [screened])
    http://community.livejournal.com/fandom_lawyers/36677.html (ongoing discussion)
    http://fandomtossed.greatestjournal.com/ (ongoing discussion)
    http://news.livejournal.com/98960.html (reasoned and calm objections in the comments)
    http://cordelia-v.livejournal.com/188534.html (ongoing discussion)
    http://ancarett.livejournal.com/265710.html (complaints that make a difference)
    Many folks appear to be deleting their user interests and supplying only one: "freedom of speech".
    30 May 2007 @ 03:36 pm
    Welcome to StrikeThrough2007. Our own special corner of hell it seems.
    I'm not involved in the targeted fandoms, always gave me the willys, but I get the fic and I really get how absurd this is.

    Membership and posting: Open
    Posts: Moderated
    Mods: Please to apply

    There will be a shameless copy of catrinella's post  on the topic dated to stick to the top.
    This is a place to vent and to discuss. Please label appropriately in the title.

    [[Vent]] Posts: No wanking kids. These are expected to be one sided and emotional. Logic won't always live there so don't try to drag it in.

    [[Opinion]] Posts: Open to discussion but moderators will be watching. F_W  has more than enough to watch with this event itself and the impending doom that is the Deathly Hallows.

    [[Chronicle]] Posts: Just the facts. Newest deletions and such.
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